Personal injury attorneys sometimes get a bad rap.   At times, they are portrayed as “opportunists” or referred to as “ambulance chasers”.   But, most often, they are responsible hard working attorneys that are there to protect the interests of their clients and ensure their clients are fully compensated for the damages caused by another.   The fact of the matter is no one wants to be injured or have their property damaged --- but, when it occurs you need someone that is on your side to help you through your ordeal.  I like to say, “No one appreciates a personal injury attorney until they need one.”

What about insurance companies --- won’t they protect my interests?   Well, sometimes they will --- but often not fully.   Insurance companies, including your own, are in the business of minimizing claims.   After all, that is how they make money ---- by collecting premiums and minimizing their payments.  On the other hand, a personal injury attorney normally only collects a fee based upon the recovery you receive.   So, your interest and the attorney’s interest are fully aligned.   An attorney will work and negotiate on your behalf.  If necessary an attorney will go to court to get you what you are entitled to receive as compensation for your injuries and property damage.

What damages may I recover that may not be initially offered by insurance?   Insurance companies often focus upon the economic damages of property damage and medical bills.   These are easy to determine because you have a stack of bills and receipts to present.  But, what about the other damages you have suffered?   Have you lost work days and wages as a result of your injury?  Will you have future medical bills due to ongoing therapy or treatments?   Have you suffered disfigurement from an injury?   Have you lost the ability to do the things you enjoyed before the injury?   All of these other damages and more should be factored into you being fully “made whole” after your injury.

So, how much will a personal injury attorney charge to pursue a personal injury case?   The answer is it depends.   I, like most personal injury attorneys, work on a contingency fee basis.   That means my fee is determined based upon what you recover.   No recovery, no fee.   However, depending upon the complexity of the case, certain additional costs may be incurred, such as court filing fees and other costs of trying a case (however, the vast majority of cases never go to trial and are settled out of court).   All of the potential costs of pursuing your case will be explained to you up front in our fee agreement.   However, the initial consultation about your case is always at no cost to you.

Life happens.   We never know when we may have that unfortunate fall that was caused by the negligent action of another, an automobile or motorcycle accident that was not your fault, or the dog bite from the wandering neighborhood dog.  Don’t let these types of accidents cause you to dole out money from your pocket or be under compensated by your insurance company.  

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